Bolgherello loves Tuscany, especially Val D'Orcia. We have decided to invest in this stunning valley, in contrast to our competitors, who often do not want to spend time and resources in stores located inside small historical villages.
Visitors will find in Pienza, famous for the Love Avenue and for its premium cheese production, our traditional Bolgherello store and our Coccole di Lavanda store.


Corso Il Rossellino 93, 53026, Pienza (SI)

Opening hours

10:30-13:00 | 14:00-18:30


Phone: (+39) 0578.748519
Email: info@bolgherello.it

«Entering Bolgherello means being greeted with kindness and a smile. We would like each of you, as you leave the shop, to feel you have a little piece of the Tuscan dream with you»

In our two boutique del profumo in Pienza, you will be welcomed by Susetta, the last to join the Bolgherello team, certainly not for importance.