The one in Bolgheri represents the last perfume boutique inaugurated to date in chronological order, but certainly not in importance.
This ancient location located along the Etruscan Coast is in fact a favorite meeting place for our company, whose name was inspired by this charming village, famous throughout the world for its great red wines and its cypress avenue “tall and frank who go from San Guido in double file”.


Strada Giulia 14, 57022, Bolgheri (LI)
Strada Giulia 1, 57022, Bolgheri (LI)

Opening hours

10:30 - 13:00 | 14:00 - 18:00
In summer evening opening hours


Email: info@bolgherello.it

«My role is to communicate to the customer the values ​​of respect for tradition and craftsmanship behind Bolgherello products.»

After having worked in our operative venue, Maria Letizia is ready to help you in our store in Bolgheri. Maria Letizia is ready to give you advice in the Bolgheri perfume boutique.